Time to fly – from the flatlands of Brazil to the mountains of Nepal

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MIDNIGHT RAINBOWMoon landing in BaliPhoto: Serge Shakuto

Cross Country 184: October 2017

With Serge Shakuto’s amazing shot of Ivan Fominykh flying by the light of a full moon in Bali on the cover, Cross Country 184 (October 2017) celebrates the thrill of the new.


A North Atlantic archipelago lashed by storms and strong winds may not seem like the best place for a paragliding odyssey – but the Faroes offer big rewards for the wild at heart. Jérôme Maupoint joined the puffins for a flying trip to one of Europe’s most spectacular wildernesses.

British Records

“300km is the next big goal in the UK.” British records tumbled in August as Alex Coltman flew 281km from Milk Hill to the village of Mundesley on England’s east coast. He tells us how British pilots can now aim even higher.

Krischa Berlinger

“I would never fly a two-liner in the X-Alps.” Relative newbie Krischa Berlinger shares how he got to compete in the Red Bull X-Alps after just five years of paragliding, the joys of flying the wilds of Tajikistan – and why he always respects his limits.


“Sitting in my tent at 6,000m, all I could think about was flying. I think its distraction actually helped me sleep at night as avalanches ripped past our tent.” We all have that moment when free flight enters the realm of the sublime. For Cody Tuttle, it happened above the pristine peaks of Nepal – and his life changed forever.

Ozone Delta 3

“Take a Delta 3 barrelling along an Alpine ridge or a flatland cloud street on a sporty day and you’ll likely find yourself keeping up with several D-Class wings.” Ozone’s much-anticipated EN-C Delta 3 may lack the playfulness of some of its competitors, finds Hugh Miller, but its solidity and stability on bar make its momentum unstoppable.

Using flying instruments

No matter how good the pilot, there are some situations natural talent just can’t deal with. Kelly Farina explains how technology can help you fly further, higher, faster.

Blois paramotor festival

“Oh là là!” So you want some stupendous holiday snaps? Strap on your paramotor and head for the glorious châteaux of France’s Loire Valley, says photographer Jeff Hamann.

Benoit Outters

“The X-Alps doesn’t forgive mistakes – and Chrigel Maurer doesn’t put a foot wrong.” Benoit Outters was the rookie who nearly caught the “Eagle” and stole the crown in this year’s Red Bull X-Alps. He tells Andy Pag how his extraordinary race came together.


“It’s truly a great gift to all who rely on the weather for their fun.” Our resident meteorologist Honza Rejmanek reveals how we can all become expert weather forecasters – with a little help from Windy.com.


“You’ve never, ever laughed like this.” After competing in his second Red Bull X-Alps, columnist Gavin McClurg shares the highs and lows of the toughest adventure race on Earth – and why Monaco “REALLY, REALLY sucks.”

Heads Up

“Your hands are sweating and your heart is already racing when you take your wing out and get it ready to launch.” We’ve all experienced mental block when faced with the prospect of taking to the air, but we can all conquer it, too. Pilot and psychotherapist Antti Joensuu explains how to get into the right mindset for conquering the clouds.


“Lesson #1: Rip up the rule-book and throw it away – normal does not apply here.” James Johnston shares the story of a stupendous season in Quixadá and his swashbuckling attempt to join the hallowed “four-hundred club”.

BGD Epic

“I’ve flown quite a lot of Bruce’s wings over the years but I’m going to stick my neck out – this is probably his best.” Marcus King samples the joys of BGD’s low-EN-B and finds that the Epic is indeed … well … EPIC.

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